Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments allow an organization to receive a truly independent evaluation of their risk against all manner of crimes and disasters. Astrea Risk Management has extensive experience in carrying out assessments for a range of facilities, including factories, office buildings, churches and synagogues, schools and colleges, public utilities, and government buildings.

School Security

The task of improving school security presents its own unique challenges. Although most schools, colleges and universities could benefit from better security procedures and physical precautions, schools must still be able to operate learning institutions. Many schools also lack the financial ability to institute potentially costly security upgrades. This means that school security must be approached with a strategy different to that of other types of facilities.

Special Events

Many events, such as concerts, conferences and fairs, lack the emergency planning and security coverage necessary should an incident occur. Plans should evaluate and address risks, and improve safety, security, emergency preparedness, and overall peace of mind. Astrea offers three main services: Risk Management, Safety & Security Planning, and Security Delivery.


Facilities assessed for security vulnerabilities


Staff & Faculty trained in Security Awareness


Special Events safely completed


International locations supported

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