Security Consulting

Astrea offers consulting services to our clients in a wide range of safety and security related subjects. Whether you are concerned about a potential security issue, responding to an incident that has already occurred, being proactive in establishing your potential exposure to risk, or designing follow-on policy, procedures and staff training exercises, Astrea can assist you in making the right decisions for your organization.


Comprehensive staff training is an often overlooked - but vitally important - component of safety and security. No matter how many security systems and procedures are put in place, effective safety starts with people, and unless staff members instinctively know what to do in an emergency situation, these other life-saving measures can end up being completely ineffective.

Special Events

Many events, such as concerts, conferences and fairs, lack the emergency planning and security coverage necessary should an incident occur. Plans should evaluate and address risks, and improve safety, security, emergency preparedness, and overall peace of mind. Astrea offers three main services: Risk Management, Safety & Security Planning, and Security Delivery.


Facilities assessed for security vulnerabilities


Staff & Faculty trained in Security Awareness


Special Events safely completed


International locations supported

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